Mentoring Handbook

The mentoring handbook is a labor of love that details my entire creative process from start to finish. Although there are many different ways to do things and be successful in this business, this handbook details my creative techniques and strategies - basically what I have done to create a consistent and recognizable style. It is geared towards hybrid photographers who want to improve their film-digital matching or purely digital photographers who want to improve their editing or start incorporating film into their workflow.

Read a review by Dear Gray Magazine here. 

The mentoring handbook is a 120+ page PRINTED booklet that covers the following topics: 

  • My equipment and favorite lenses for film and digital
  • How I shoot in different types of light
  • How I choose and evaluate locations
  • Session timing
  • Working with backlight, full sun and cloudy light
  • Using the light to your advantage
  • Metering and white balance
  • Lens choice
  • How I edit my digital to look like film
  • My typical workflow
  • My favorite editing tools, including the HSL panel, tone curve, color balance layers and selective color layers
  • How I color correct skintones
  • Incorporating film into your digital workflow
  • Shooting backlight with film
  • Matching film and digital
  • Posing and directing for family, maternity and engagement sessions
  • Attracting your ideal client for portrait and wedding photographers
  • Branding
  • How I grew my following and book clients with Instagram
  • How to put together a styled shoot
  • Tips on getting published on leading industry blogs
  • My pricing
  • My recommended products 
  • Tips on finding a work-life balance

Also included are four editing videos covering all the film-digital comparisons in the images below. All the edits are performed solely in Lightroom and no presets are used. My goal for these videos is to teach you to edit by hand or at least become comfortable with the tools required so you can make more precise adjustments if you do choose to use presets.


Includes a 120-page PRINTED handbook, four editing videos and access to a private Facebook group for feedback and questions.